How to Design Amazing Outdoor Landscapes


By: Garden Light LED When designing an amazing landscape for your next project, always consider the full space of the property and its elements. Creating beautiful landscape designs takes skill, experience and dedication. By planning out your next landscape design job appropriately, you will always ensure that the architecture, gardens,…

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Adjust Beach Lighting for Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Sea Turtle Nesting Season is  March 1 through October 31. For millions of years, female sea turtles have been coming ashore to lay their eggs on beaches. In the past, the hatchling turtles were guided to the ocean by an instinct to travel away from the dark silhouettes of the dune vegetation…

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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Can Last For Many Years

By: Paul R. Gosselin, Sr., CLVLT For years low voltage landscape lighting has gotten a bad rap. Its reputation has been tarnished mostly by poor quality products that have been made readily available from the corner home improvement store for the DIY community. The cheap, and very cheaply made Malibu…

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